Ноябрь 2016

Underwater wedding - Getting Married while scuba diving Bali

Diving Events — Underwater Wedding

  |   Dive Log

Underwater Wedding Bali Having had many hundreds of dives in all parts of Indonesia, liveaboard owner Kirril and his partner Tanya decided to mark their 22nd trip by tying the knot in an underwater wedding in Bali. On Friday the 18th of November, the lovebirds were joined...

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Diving in Bali - Seasickness

Diving Health — Seasickness

  |   Diving Safety

Prevention & cure of Seasickness   Many people suffer from occasional seasickness. If you have ever suffered from it yourself you will know how debilitating it can be, a great day out on the water can turn into a countdown of the minutes until you are back on dry...

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Mantis Shrimp Diving Bali

Creature Feature — Mantis shrimp

  |   Creature Feature

Mantis shrimp have Incredible Eyes The eyes of a Mantis shrimp are mounted on mobile stalks and can move independently of each other. Mantis shrimps can see objects with three different parts of the same eye, giving them ‘trinocular vision’ so unlike humans who perceive depth...

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