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The Melasti ceremony


Today in Bali is the Melasti ceremony which takes place 3 days before Nyepi the day of Silence.


The Melasti ceremony is the biggest purification ritual in the Balinese Hindu calendar. It is performed as a ritual to cleanse the world from all the filth of sin and bad karma, through the symbolic act of acquiring the Tirta Amerta, «the water of life».


The Melasti ceremony is held on the edge of the beach with the aim of purification of all the bad things in the past and by throwing them into the water. In Hindu belief, the sources of water such as lake and sea water, are considered as the source of life (Tirta Amrita). This ceremony also cleans the human body (Bhuwana Alit) and entire earth (Bhuwana Agung) from the badness or bad spirits.


In addition to performing prayers, Balinese Hindus carry all the symbols of God to the sea. Wearing predominantly white on this day, a procession is performed accompanied by the traditional music of the Gamelan and led by the priests. The symbols of god are then returned to the temple where worshiping continues for prosperity and peace for the entire world.


The purpose the Melasti ceremony is to purify Bhuana Alit (small world – Human body) as well as Bhuana Agung (this universe) from bad influences, bad deeds and bad thoughts. Bhuana Alit (small world) means the heart and soul of each individual who is living in this world. The Bhuana Agung means the wide world or this universe. This ceremony is of very important value to remind the people of how important this life as well as the need for a day to purify themselves and their universe. If all the components of this world have a clean soul, the world can survive from the threat of any bad things.


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