Elephant Safari Park


Bali Elephant Safari Park is a member of the World Zoo Association, assuring you of compliance to international standards for animal care. Set among spectacular ecotourism-focused, landscaped botanical gardens, the park is surrounded by exotic jungle.

Take in one of the world’s most captivating elephant parks, featuring an extensive museum with a collection of elephant memorabilia, and the unique skeleton of an ancient mammoth.

Experience a fascinating, up-close-and-personal encounter with these incredible creatures at this very special sanctuary dedicated to the care of this protected species.


Service included:



  • Return transfers in a modern and fully air-conditioned minivan/minibus with a dedicated driver
  • Bali Elephant Safari Park admission
  • Spectacular elephant shows
  • Elephant safari ride through the jungle
  • Delicious buffet-style meal in the park’s restaurant (meals vary)
  • Personal insurance cover





Only $92 USD/person (minimum 2 guests)



Tour duration:


Varies — contact us for details


Elephant safari tour


Imagine sitting high atop an elephant in teakwood chair and enjoying the blissful ride through jungle scenery. Brace yourself for an unforgettable interaction with elephants; touching, hand feeding and having photos taken. Observe these species when they roam around in between activities and immerse themselves in park lake. Last, but not least, join and watch the educational and painting shows to learn about elephants’ intelligence and capabilities.



Share an incredible morning with elephants at their bathing lake as the gentle giants take you through their routine morning dip. Enjoy a rare splendid opportunity to ride bareback atop the elephants as they romp and play, splash and dunk in their bathing lake, one of the most favourite rites of their day. Wash, caress, feed and mingle with the elephants in this spectacular setting. Sit back and savour the gourmet breakfast in the park restaurant overlooking the lake, whilst the animals soak up and dry off in the dazzling sunshine. More action will unfold as you attend the elephant talent show followed by the signature safari ride through the lush jungle of Taro.



In the tranquillity of the misty forest the elephants will usher you onto Bali’s original twilight trek. This specially designed night trail takes a different route from the common daytime elephant safari ride and gives you a whole new experience of trekking with these enchanting animals. You will be entertained by a magical elephant talent show at dusk before embarking on the night ride through the dimly lit forest and ending the visit on high note with a delicious four course dinner in the lakeside restaurant

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