My Bali Today — Manta Rays

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The manta rays need to be cleaned of their parasites so almost every day we can see them in their natural habitat. How lucky is that?


Also manta rays are unique in their markings on their underbellys.  It’s like a fingerprint, no two mantas have the same markings on their underbellies so if you photograph a unique manta ray you can submit it to Manta Watch .  If they don’t have a manta ray with the same markings on their records, then you get a chance to name your own manta.  That’s pretty cool!


There is nothing to describe how amazing it is diving and snorkelling with manta rays, they are majestic and the elegance of them swimming near you takes your breath away.  They can grow up to 4 meters in span so this huge marine animal is coming towards you and yet they are completely harmless.  Unlike stingays they don’t have a barb on their tail and they eat krill (plankton)


It’s a very special moment when you see your first manta ray as some divers wait years and hundreds of dives before they do, that’s why we are so privileged in Bali that we have a chance to see them every day!


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Phots thanks to Anya on our day trip today at Nusa Penida Island Bali. Awesome!