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My Bali Today — Nusa Penida Island

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Dive and getaway to Nusa Penida Island


Fancy something different?  Then come and join us scuba diving and snorkelling with manta rays at Nusa Penida island, then get dropped off and stay a few days.


This is what Andrzej’s group from Poland did accompanied by Diving Indo’s Mario who absolutely loves Nusa Penida island.  And what’s not to love, crystal blue water, deserted beaches, fantastic scenery and stunning sunsets.


Nusa Penida island totals 200 square kilometers and is much bigger than the neighboring islands of Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan. The native people are Hindu as in Bali but the language spoken is an ancient dialect of Balinese called Nusa Penidan. The architecture and dance is also distinct to the island.


Things to do


Crystal Bay — A stunning white sand beach.  Perfect clear waters and excellent diving and snorkeling. Lovely white sand beach and a great place for a picnic. A truly idyllic spot.


Goa Giri Putri — (Karangsari or Karangsari Cave), Desa Pakraman, Karangsari. Large limestone caves on the east coast. On public holidays it tends to be very busy with all Balinese who go on pilgrimage here as the place is of great religious and cultural significance.  At the end of the cave you can find a small temple which is a buddist temple. This part is next to an exit which gives an amazing view on the hills behind it. Some impressive stalactites and other typical limestone formations can be seen.


Pura Penataran Ped An extremely important temple to the Hindu Balinese many of whom make an annual pilgrimage to Nusa Penida specifically to pray here to protect against illness, disease and death


Puncak Mundi — The highest point of Nusa Penida at some 521m above sea level. Great views from here. Puncak Mundi temple perches high on the hill


Broken beach and Angel billabong — Broken beach is a large cave that has lost its roof over time. Watch from above as the water comes in with the tide. A great place to take photos and mantas rays can sometimes been seen swimming in the sea below. Angel billabong is about 200 metres away, a natural infinity pool


South Coast Cliffs — The whole southern coast of Nusa Penida has spectacular, high white limestone cliffs which will simply take your breath away


Tembeling Forest — Tembeling is the last remnant of virgin rainforest left on the island, it is cool, leafy, green and is home to many birds. Located on the south coast, this little swimming hole is located very close to the beach.


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