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Dive Log — Crystal Bay and Manta Point

  |   Dive Log

Pavel and Ulrike had a wonderful time diving at Crystal Bay and Manta point, Nusa Penida, Bali. Anna, their PADI Instructor, captured amazing shot of some of the creatures you can encounter on these two fantastic diving sites. This trip is definitely a must do here in...

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stonefish at Amed Bali

Creature Feature — Stonefish

  |   Creature Feature

Stonefish – the world’s most venomous fish Stonefish are venomous which means that can deliver toxins rather than poisonous which is where the toxin is stored within the flesh with no way to deliver it. It is only ingesting poisonous animals that can prove fatal such...

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My Bali Today — Sidemount diving

  |   Bali Diving, My Bali Today

Diving Indo Team tries sidemount diving   Originating from technical diving especially cave diving, Sidemount diving is becoming increasingly popular, especially as the demographics of divers sees an increase in age as the sport matures. The weight of the tanks is distributed along the sides of your body...

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Scuba Diving Trivia Bali

Scuba Diving Trivia — The Ocean

  |   Diving In Bali, Environment

Scuba Diving Trivia Want to know more about scuba diving and our oceans?  Or preparing for your next quiz night?  Here are some interesting facts for you: 1. 71{2ab15f113b077567805133d7319191ae2634a01a8c0d1dd8eae53a19b41080a1} of the earth’s surface is covered in water. 2. 90{2ab15f113b077567805133d7319191ae2634a01a8c0d1dd8eae53a19b41080a1} of an iceberg is submerged below the surface. 3. 7{2ab15f113b077567805133d7319191ae2634a01a8c0d1dd8eae53a19b41080a1} of our oceans...

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