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Dive Log — Crystal Bay and Manta Point

  |   Dive Log

Pavel and Ulrike had a wonderful time diving at Crystal Bay and Manta point, Nusa Penida, Bali. Anna, their PADI Instructor, captured amazing shot of some of the creatures you can encounter on these two fantastic diving sites. This trip is definitely a must do here in...

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My Bali today — Manta Point

  |   My Bali Today

Intro Dive Manta Point   Igor and Elena tried scuba diving in Bali for the first time today at Manta Point, Nusa Penida and they were not disappointed.  Plenty of manta ray action today, that's why it's named Manta Point.   We are lucky in Bali to have a...

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Creature Features — Rhinopias

  |   Bali Diving, Diving In Bali

Rhinopias - an underwater photographers favorite subject   Rhinopias are much sought-after fish for underwater photographers due to their scarcity, unusual shape, and beautiful range of colours. Real photo addicts will visit a location just to photograph them. There are 6 species but only 3 commonly found in...

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Diving In Bali Nudibranch

Creature Feature — Nudibranch

  |   Creature Feature

Nudibranch - The Tiffany Eggs of the Sea The colourful and varied Nudibranch are a macro photographers dream.  Basically they are sea slugs, but unlike common drab coloured land slugs, these slugs come in a huge range of colours, patterns, shapes and sizes, with over 3000...

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Bali Diving Indo 3 day Critter Package Pygmy Seahorse

Creature Feature — Pygmy Seahorse

  |   Creature Feature

Pygmy Seahorse The tiny pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus bargibanti) is a tiny seahorse found at many dive sites in Bali and much coveted by macro photographers. Amazingly camouflaged and hidden in gorgonian fans (Muricella plectana and Muricella paraplectana). It takes the keen eyes of our amazing PADI...

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