Blue Lagoon - Moray Eel

Dive log — Blue Lagoon

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I had the chance to take a diving trip to the blue lagoon, Padang Bai with Diving Indo, and it far exceeded my expectations!


The trip begins with a meeting at the dive center, where the welcoming staff took care of me and prepared everything I would need for the trip. They ensured the equipment fitted me well and they explained to me what we were going to do during the day.


During that moment, I had time to meet the other people that would do the trip with, a lovely couple with their daughter and a friendly man (which I would dive with).


After that, we settled in the bus (where we found bottles of water and AC, which was more than welcoming!) and had a drive of about one hour where we saw all those beautiful landscapes that make Bali famous.
When we arrived to Padang Bai, I was amazed by this beautiful and white sand beach scattered with colourful local jukung boats. The staff took care of the equipment so we just needed to take place on one of those boats and enjoyed the ride! Then we reached the first spot, Bias tugal, and prepared for our first dive.


As I didn’t dive for a long time (about 2 years) I was glad that Boby (my PADI Divemaster) took the time to explain again all the important information before the dive.
Time to jump in the water and let the magic of this beautiful spectacle amaze me. We slowly got deeper until we reached the bottom which was 15m deep. In the clear water, I was so amazed by the beautiful spectacle that was all around me.


I had the chance to see Nemo in his anemonia house, some Moorish idol and so many more beautiful fish. Boby was always helping us see the hidden fish like a moray eel which was hiding in the rocks or the devil scorpionfish who as the same colour as the sand.


After around one hour it was time to get back to the boat, have some snacks and water and we were already heading to the second spot.
The boat stopped at the breath-taking blue lagoon, we got prepared and jump in the water for the second dive.
We went deeper this time (18m) and had the chance to see other mesmerizing fishes like the thornback boxfish, the unique spotlin lionfish and his cousin the pacific lionfish, common porcupinfish (you know the one that blows up when they are afraid), the peculiar varicose slug and unfortunately, I didn’t saw it but the other people were lucky to see a Hawksbill turtle.


For about one hour I had time to see a lot before returning to the boat. Than it was time to drive back to the beach and go to a lovely and colourful restaurant where we could choose a meal among a list of different typical choices. I took the Mie Goring (noodles with vegetable and meat) which was generous and tasty meal, perfect after those great dives. Already time to go back to Diving Indo, the trip in the bus was the perfect time to rest and relax.


I really had an unbelievable adventure at the blue lagoon, with an amazing and helpful team, beautiful things to see and memories for ever


Thank you to Mélissa who sent us this blog.  To experience Padang Bai for yourself check out our daily dive trips.


Photo by Jamie McCutcheon