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Environment — Coral Triangle Center

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The Coral Triangle Center, Sanur, Bali   As a diver, I’m always happy to dive at beautiful sites, with the marine environment well preserved and full of life, that’s why I was really interested in visiting the Coral Triangle Center in Sanur, Bali, to find out more...

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Bali Environment — Turtle Conservation

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Turtle Conservation and Education Center   I visited the Turtle Conservation and Education Center and had a really great time.   As I’m a diver, I’m always super excited when I see a beautiful turtle swimming, so I was really interested in what Bali was doing to preserve these...

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trash hero sanur

Bali Environment — Trash Hero

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Bali Trash Hero Sanur A fantastic non profit organization in Sanur is Trash Hero, who help our marine environment by organizing beach clean ups.   Trash Hero Mission: The Trash Hero mission is to bring communities together to clean and reduce waste. We do this through:   Action and Awareness. We pick...

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Shark Release #3 - Bali Sharks

Bali Environment — Shark Release

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Shark Release #3   The history   About a year ago Zero Gravity Diving approached Diving Indo with their idea to assist Bali Sharks to release sharks back into the marine protected waters of Nusa Penida.   Wanting to find out more and to be reassured that Bali Sharks was not...

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Bali Shark release Diving Indo

Environment — Shark Release #2 Bali

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Shark Release - Nusa Penida On the 16th of April Diving Indo joined Bali Sharks and 30 members of United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) International School from Singapore for its 2nd shark release. 2 feisty Blacktip Reef Sharks were transported via our speedboats to...

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Scuba Diving Trivia Bali

Scuba Diving Trivia — The Ocean

  |   Diving In Bali, Environment

Scuba Diving Trivia Want to know more about scuba diving and our oceans?  Or preparing for your next quiz night?  Here are some interesting facts for you: 1. 71{2ab15f113b077567805133d7319191ae2634a01a8c0d1dd8eae53a19b41080a1} of the earth’s surface is covered in water. 2. 90{2ab15f113b077567805133d7319191ae2634a01a8c0d1dd8eae53a19b41080a1} of an iceberg is submerged below the surface. 3. 7{2ab15f113b077567805133d7319191ae2634a01a8c0d1dd8eae53a19b41080a1} of our oceans...

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